General Manager
founder and partner of Chilye , manager of  EUCMA ,MBA,SAE EV branch member.One of the persons who drafted and established EV charging interface state standard.He has worked as a manager in connector enterprise for 5 years.And now,he takes charge of the company strategies and overall operations in Chilye.

Frank Yin

partner of Chilye, manager of  EUCMA ,MBA,SAE EV branch member.He takes charge of investment, financial planning, legal affairs, etc.

Gary Xu

Sales Director
manager of  EUCMA ,MBA. He has worked as sales manager for 15 years , and now he is responsible for global sales , marketing strategy and brand strategy in Chilye.


Engineering and Product Director
partner of Chilye,manager of  EUCMA ,MBA,he has worked as a researchers in a foreign-capital enterprise for 3 years and 5years as a manufacturing manager and engineer.He takes charge of the company's technology r&d and production management.

Ricky Li

Quality Director
manager of  EUCMA ,15 years' experience ,he has worked as a quality department supervisor in a hong kong-invested enterprise ,besides,he was once a device manager in SONY.Now, he is responsible for quality system , quality policy and quality control, etc.

Steven Song

Product Manager
professional electrical engineer, he is now  working as a product manager who takes charge of  EV  project  ,also,he is  responsible for  product r&d and production after-sales technical support.

Bill Yang

Brand Manager
advertising and art design speciality,she is  responsible for the company's brand formulation , brand promotion, the implementation of brand strategy planning, etc

Mary Chen

Legal Adviser
legal postgraduated, he is responsible for legal affairs of relevant enterprise ,enterprise management and international  business.And, he protects the legal rights of the enterprise.


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