Chilye is looking for the global resellers for electric vehicles and charging facilities to serve global users.
Let us learn more about the development of electric vehcile industries before being our resellers. In of the next 10 years,the Chinese government will make the pure electric vehicles as important strategic direction .The number of new energy vehicles(including pure electric vehicles,parallel hybrid electric vehicle , hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, etc.) will reach 1,500,000 till 2020. The new energy vehciles will take up more than 50% of all in 2030.
United States, Germany, Japan, UK, France and other countries also regarded EV as a national strategic direction. According to some figures,utill 2030,the population will reach 80 million, of which 60% will live in cities, 20 million will use electric cars,which will account for 60% of users.
At present,many countries are actively developing electric vehicles and infrastructure, in foreseeable 2020 , ten thousands of charging piles,charging stations and other charging facilities will be throughout the city,such as in parking, business center, government, enterprise, schools, households ... and there will be our products and services.
In this emerging market, our products and services will support the development of entire electric vehicle industry in any place of this world. To finish this target, we need a very powerful marketing, sales network and after-sales service team to meet the global demand. Our ideal partners should be with excellent management experience in EV ,electricity or engineering.Besides,they must have a mature market sales channels,extensive project management experience, good credit records, professional technical team. What is more,we hope our candidates have experences in sales or installing electromechanical equipment ,so that we can talk with each other. If you work for installing electromechanical equipment, you must achieve local licenses and permits.
What is more , our resellers must have the same values and mission with us , the enterprises pay more attention to the development of new energy industry, especially the development of electric vehicle industry, so we can cooperate with each other closely in long terms. If you understand this market, and would like to sell our products, please contact us.
According to applicant's condition,we formulated the three following ways
1. The dealer
Dealers shall be entitled to accept preferential prices, advertising material, technical data, fast delivery and many other help.
2.Regional agent
We will give the region agents authorization , besides offering assistance , we protect customer resources and the whole training on this project, also ,we share them .
3. Sole agent
For the sole agent in countries or regions of authorized applicants , we will provide the best, comprehensive supports and services.
For any kind of cooperation, we all claim that the applicants have local business license and permit, the applicants must be legal taxpayers and insurers, in order to win approval and sell EV products .
Facing an irreplaceable opportunity for the development of new energy industry, are you ready to go with us to share this great cake? Please begin promptly browse relevant information on electric vehicle markets in the future , pay attention to different demands of your customers , if you have been in touch with this market, please do not hesitate to contact us, because we are the most outstanding collaborators in this field .
If you want to become our resellers, please fill out our application, you can click on the link of top right corner to contact us .

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