Chilye’s MSD can fulfill quick disconnection without any tool, utilizes a two-stage lever which help to open the HVIL circuit prior to separation of HV connectors. This helps to control separation speed and guarantee the safety. Without using any tools, technicians can quickly release the plug and disconnect the power. Meanwhile there is an extensibility of broad specifications of this MSD series. Fuses with different current ratings can be assembled in the MSD for various applications with the same structure & size, as to be used in different environment The MSD is touch-proof and is with high IP rating
Manual service disconnector
Manual Service Disconnect-Mini MSD


Flange sealing, mounting types: front mounting and rear mounting
Two-stage lever to open the HVIL circuit prior to separation of HV contacts
With a variety of fuse ratings
Touch proof
Compact space saving, lightweight
HVIL: 2 groups of optional HVIL

Technical Features

Fuse rated voltage : 750V
Fuse maximum current : 500A
Operation temperature:-40℃ to +125℃
Mating cycles: >200 cycles
IP rating