We know the importance of security to users, while part of the users's property, the security of the product itself is our problem to be solved. Such as charging connector, we make the product meets the SAE j1772, IEC 62196 and other standards, but also taking into consideration of practical applications, such as: security, alarm and other functions.

The future of electric vehicle charging pile is installed in many corners of the city, some containing wiring harness and charging plug; while others only have charging socket outlet, without wiring and plug connected; which requires the user to use onboard electric vehicle charging port connected by the line charge. This left unattended or not under the control of the state's long 4-6 hour charging process, charging plug, and connect wiring harness is very easy to remove by the bad people and take away, product safety without security, which is more concerned by many users. In fact, many have been demonstration runs have emerged charge pile and connection charging plug harness stolen there; we propose a solution for such problem.

Our products in the outlet side can be extended by the charge pile electromagnetic lock device is locked by charging plug, without charge to give signals of piles, the connector is very difficult to be pulled out to ensure product safety. At the same time, we are not related to electromagnetic or other auxiliary device charging end of the pile and the case of electric vehicles, but also to ensure the relative safety of products that we both plugs in the connector are installed on the mechanical lock device, the user can remove the mechanical key to the lock after the connection charge , until the vehicle is fully charged to come and go, and then took out the key open the charging plug of the lock, remove the charging connector, if during this period, nobody can take away the product without keys. Even if the seizure, there will be alarm alerts. Such small changes in input and charging system, the smaller program will effectively address product safety issues. This is very effective measure for user's property.

We also think highly of this solution, and promote the practical application of this product. We are also achieving this functionality on such other similar products.

one  solution of product security :(as the following)

Other solutions are as following
   í˝ battery switch stations 
   í˝product security 
   í˝ electric vehicles

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