The most important element of EV development and popularization is the complete charging facilities,EV ---especially the PHEV must be with convenient charging network, then they can go into public homes .

At present, China, the United States, France, Germany,UK , Canada and other countries have built their own electric vehicle charging facilities, mainly charge pile. We offer electrical connectivity products from electric vehicles terminal to charging pile for charging facilities customer, not only these, but also connected with the charge output of the fixed part of the pile. We understand the importance of customer brand and products integration, for example, charging facilities customers focus on the design of the charge piles and other equipments, and for charging connectors and other accessories , colors and styles can not meet the demand of users, or we can not know about characteristics of products . Then such products can be able to meet customers's requirements, but without any help for the customer's brand and product uniformity, and even a kind of damage.

For the above circumstances,how to work closely with customers to provide product design and manufacturing is our main solution, we are willing to cooperate with you at the beginning when you designed products, and make the charging plug and accessories consistent with your charging facilities. Whatever it is industrial design, material, color, installation or logo, our work is to serve better for customers and help customers improving product images. We will also improve our product , as long as the customer needs. In addition , we can provide design and OEM services for customers . If you just start to develop products need our services, we are glad to offer you help. We make sure that we are professional, high-efficiency and valuable.
We have produced IEC62196, SAE j1772, Chinese national standards charging interfaces,they have been widely used into electric vehicles and charging facilities, if you want to buy, please click on how to buy, if you need OEM and demand of development, please send us messages:

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