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     China to increase financial support for new energy vehicles in efforts to promote the development of new energy technologies

     China to strengthen the electric car industry breakthroughs in key technologies, strengthening R & D and industrialization of model assessment, the establishment of enterprises mainly a combination of research and technological innovation system, supporting and leading the Chinese automobile industry technological advances and rapid development, particularly introduced National High Technology Research and Development Program (836 Program), modern transport technology electric vehicle key technology and systems integration projects.
     The main contents of this project are: to carry out series hybrid vehicle products, industrial R & D, product cost-effective breakthroughs in key bottleneck, the formation of market competitiveness; development series of pure electric drive motor vehicles and energy supply systems, and exploring electric vehicles technology and business model of integrated innovation; development of fuel cell vehicles as the representative of the high-end cutting-edge technology, a next-generation power pure electric drive system technology platform, development of pure electric drive next-generation vehicles and the assessment model.
     This project guide of 31 subjects were set the direction of 77 subjects will be arranged, the amount of state control of allocation of funds up to RMB 738 million

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