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          The 25th World EV Conference closed, EV era is coming

     After 4 days of exhibition and forum for discussion, 25th World Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition is closing in Shenzhen, China at the morning of November 9.
     It is understood that the 25th World Conference of electric vehicles as a previous General Assembly, the largest in quantity and quality of delivery papers, participating countries, regions, organizations have set a Conference record. Exhibition, the exhibition of 372 total number of enterprises, displaying a variety of wheel 280 new energy vehicles, exhibitors rich, including vehicles, batteries, and other key components of all aspects of the industry chain, both in scale and effect have broken through the most ever. This exhibition from the point of view, enterprises to participate in research and development of new energy vehicles increasing the strength and determination to fully explain the new energy vehicles have entered the industrialization stage.
     In addition, from over 50 countries the field of energy conservation and new energy vehicles, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, university professors, politicians and the community related, heroes gather together to discuss contemporary of pure electric vehicles, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, electric the latest technical achievements of automotive components and future development direction, policy guidance and exchange of national experience in industrial innovation, to promote the sustainable development of the power of this revolution, the formation of "Shenzhen Declaration."
     From the 25th World Congress and Exhibition of the electric car a success, the real impetus to industrial development of electric vehicles, pay at the last Secretary-General Wu is proud to announce: the world has come an era of electric vehicles.

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