High Voltage Connectors
HVC series connectors integrate touch-proof design, good EMC shielding performance, high IP rating, high voltage interlock loop (HVIL), providing safe and reliable high voltage connection solutions to electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.
HVC 800-2
HVC 800 series 2 Poles


       Power battery, motor control, inverter


■ Mechanical self-locking
■ Touch-proof
■ 180° and 90° plug
■ Three types of keyway design to prevent incorrect mating
■ Shielding: 360°C shielding
■ Conductor cross-sections:

        power circuit 25 mm2 to 50 mm2

        HVIL circuit:  0.5 mm2

Technical Features

■ Terminal size: 8mm
■ Maximum current: 250A(85°C)
■ Rated voltage: 1000V   
■ Operation temperature : -40°C to +125°C
■ IP rating

        Mated: IP67, IP6K9K

        Unmated: IP2XB