Battery charging
Battery charging and swapping are the main power supplying methods for electric vehicles. Conductive electrical connection systems is the guarantee to safely and efficiently transmit power to battery and vehicle Chilye’s extensive product range support EV to go around every corner of the world
Electric actuator for GB AC Vehicle Inlet
Electric actuator for GB AC Vehicle Inlet

■Instant power supply, low energy consumption
■ Compact robust design
■ Manual disconnect when malfunction or power outage
■ Not disassemble; IP rating: IP55
■ Durability:>30000 cycles

Technical Features
■ Current:300mA(500mA max)
■ Voltage:12V DC
■ Operating temperature:-30℃ to 50℃
■Electric actuator exercise:1:PIN1 and PIN2 circuit continuity, voltage holding by 0.2S after open(Preferred)
   2:  0.5S~1.0S(continuous current 3sec Max.)