HVPDU product is an important part of EV control system, they help to coordinate driving motor system, battery management system, charging management system, DC / DC converter, electric air conditioning, electric power steering, brake systems and other high voltage parts on function conversion and power distribution. Safe and reliable PDU could be customized on customers’ requirements
Customized type HV PDU HV PDU
PDU series


■ Robust aluminum alloy design, lightweight, efficient heat dissipation
■ Customized products with different circuits available
■ Vibration and impact resistant
■ HV current monitoring and over current protection

Technical Features

■ Rated voltage: up to 600 DC
■ Input current: up to 250A
■ Output power current:<40A or <150A
■ Cable range: 2-5mm2 and 25-50mm2 wire
■ Box material: aluminum alloy, metal plate
■ Output connection: lockable plug, quick insert and withdrawal
■ Operation temperature: -40℃ to +105℃
■ Shielding: 360° EMC shielded
■ IP rating: IP67